8 Tips for Engagement Ring Care


An engagement ring can be kept sparkling and shiny with the right care and attention.

Here are eight do's and don’ts related to engagement ring care:

Do get protected with insurance

A simple solution to protect the investment is getting the engagement ring insured. A variety of things can happen, so it makes sense to put in place the proper insurance coverage to protect in a wide range of eventualities. Lost or stolen rings will be difficult to replace, especially if it was a large investment to start with.

Don’t keep taking the ring off

Try to limit the number of times the engagement ring is removed from the finger. Some might think it is a good idea to remove the ring when washing the hands, but this increase the risk of losing it or letting it drop down the sink. By keeping the ring on full time, there chance of it being misplaced is certainly reduced.

Do protect the ring

Even though a diamond is one of the toughest natural materials there is still the risk of the ring being chipping should it get knocked. Taking extra care to avoid damage will ensure it is kept in first-class condition for the long-term.

Don’t use high-strength cleaning agents

Be cautious when using high-strength cleaning agents or chemicals. The engagement ring should be removed from the hand at this time and harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on the ring. Potential issues include dulling the appearance of the ring which is more noticeable with gemstones. Avoid any situations where bleach and emeralds might come in close contact.

Do get planned maintenance

Put in place a regular schedule of maintenance to make sure the right is kept in pristine condition at all times. A regular check-up will check the diamonds are secure and not starting to come loose.

Do get the ring cleaned

A regular cleaning session at the jewelers will ensure the engagement ring is kept sparkling. Instead of attempting to clean the ring at home, a professional has the proper tools and equipment to complete a first-class job. Do-it-yourself cleaning over time can end up causing damage to the ring.

Leaving the engagement rings without a cleaning schedule in place can result in a build up of grime and dirt and the sparkle of the diamond starts to dim. If preferring the at-home cleaning, use one of the non-harsh detergents, warm water, and a toothbrush. Plus, if cleaning at home, take the ring to a professional service once or twice yearly.

Don’t get in a habit of comparing

Cherish the engagement ring that has been given to you and avoid comparing to other rings that might be seen in the future.

Do leave it behind

If planning to go traveling with the likelihood of needing to take the engagement ring off at some point, it might benefit to leave it behind or hide it.

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