#2 You’re Engaged, Now What?

you're engaged


Episode #2 You're Engaged, Now What?

* Sharing the engagement news
* Engagement parties Yes or No
* How to start planning for your wedding

Sharing the news ideas and when to tell

* Important peeps/VIPs
* Parents/Grandparents
* Best Friends
* Kids

Ideas on how to share the news

* Then Facebook, coworkers, social media AFTER your VIPs have been told.
* T-shirts
* Christmas ornaments
* Cute Video
* Photo/Graphic
* Online engagement e-cards
* Phone calls still work
* Is texting allowed?

If you choose to have an engagement party

* Bride's parents normally host
* Can have more than one depending on location of the bride's and groom's parents
* Traditionally it was to announce the engagement now it is more of a celebrations of the couple
* Gifts or no gifts
* are not expected
* The party is for family and close friends of the couple not the parents friends… they all expect to be invited to the wedding.
* Could it also be for family and close friends who might be unable to attend the actual wedding
* cocktail and dinner are popular

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Until next time, no stress, no worries, keep calm and listen on.


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