How to Save Money on Wedding Transport

Wedding Transport

When planning a wedding, costs can quickly mount up.

For this reason, it makes sense to write out a proper budget plan and make savings where possible. In certain areas, it is possible to save without the need to compromise too much. By planning properly, it is certainly possible to save on the cost of wedding transport.

Here are three of the steps that can help to save on the cost of wedding transport:

Plan early

Book the vehicle fleet as early as possible. Booking the transport well in advance can certainly help to control costs. Plus, by booking the vehicles early you have a better chance of reserving the specific vehicles wanted on the day. Also, certain vehicles are low in supply, such as vintage models, so the early booking is beneficial for this reason as well.

Get the logistics right

Get the logistics right and plan the journeys and make sure enough vehicles are hired to match the number of guests. For instance, you want to hire a vehicle to get the bride and bridal party to the wedding venue and later the reception area. Plus separate vehicles are needed for the groom and other close family members and friends. By planning early it is much easier to have the right vehicles in place to match the specific needs.

Get a wedding bus

Rather then booking individual cars to transport guests to the wedding it might benefit to look at larger transport options such as a vintage bus. This is the most cost-effective option to organize the transport and significantly more affordable than the separate cars.

Organizing transport for guests

For the wedding with a lot of guests from far-flung destinations it helps to organize transportation to the wedding venue. This transport should pick up guests from their hotel for complete convenience in getting to the wedding. Hiring transportation is certain to be a big help for those not familiar with the city and might have difficulty navigating their way around.

A simple charter bus is a cost-effective solution for this specific type of situation. Although, there are still large vehicles to hire that can provide a good degree of character for the occasion, from the old-style school buses to vintage buses. Most rental companies give the option to hire for the day, which will provide useful transport to get to the different wedding venues and reception areas.

But for those brides and grooms without the funds to cover transportation costs for all guests it will be necessary to make alternative arrangements. Plus, many couples will believe it isn’t really up to them to organize travel for all guests coming to the wedding. A cost-effective and simple step is to provide detailed directions and maps with the invite to ensure the guests are fully aware of the exact destination to travel.

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