7 Planning Tips for a Hen’s Party

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Help for the bride and maid of honor is here with top advice and guidance on the most practical steps to organize the hen's party with a lot less stress.

Here are seven things to consider in the process of planning the hen’s party:

Proper organization is a must-have role

A lack of preparation can result in a hen party that is less than exciting and can leave a lot of unhappy girls in tears or involved in arguments. A hen party will be more successful and go with high spirits if there is clear communication and proper logistics in place for the entire event. Plus, one member of the party like the MOH can be put in charge as party organizer to increase the chance of the party going as smooth as possible.

Set a realistic budget

A hen party should be organized with a realistic budget in mind that is affordable for each of the invited guests. Money is one area that can soon cause rifts. Set a budget to include all aspects of the event including activities, accommodation, drinks, travel, etc.

Sort out an arrangement plan that makes it easy for the chief bridesmaid to collect the money. Whether payments are made in one amount up front or installments, it should be organized so that the bridesmaid isn’t left chasing the payments. A simple approach is to set up an account and let the invited members pay money in themselves so that when the hen party gets close, the money should be there waiting.

Breaking the ice

Many hen parties can include a wide range of friends from different groups such as uni-, school, family, and colleagues. Try to get everyone involved together by organizing activities which can help to get the conversation flowing. Plus, the events organized should take into account all guests invited, including those from different age groups.

Guest list

Anyone organizing the hen party should be fully aware of the guests invited and their friendship/relationship to the bride. By being more mindful of those that have been invited it will be easier to organize and host the event.


Proper communication is essential to ensure the organization of the hen party goes as smooth as possible. This means keeping all invited guests in the loop in relation to contact numbers, dress code, travel arrangements, meeting points, costs, etc. Give extra time and warming for any special requirements such as fancy dress outfits or similar to ensure the guests can get this organized in time.

Give the bride priority

Make sure to prioritize the wishes of the bride and ensure everything is well organized so that she can enjoy the party with minimal stress or concern. The bride should be the center of attention and shouldn't be left on her own or without a drink in her hand.

Document everything

Make sure to take along a reliable video recorder or camera to capture everything that should take place and preserve these treasured memories.

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