#11 – Digital Invitations are Perfect for the Modern Bride

Episode #11 Why Digital Invitations are Perfect for the Modern Bride and a Conversation with Lauren Fennell with Greenvelope.com

Lauren, Digital Invitation, Artistic Director
Lauren Fennell, Artistic Director at Greenvelope – Digital Stationery for the Modern Hosts

Digital invitations are an easy and eco-friendly way for a couple to personally invite their friends and family to their wedding. Now a days we are all more conscious of our environment and want to make this a better place for our future. Digital invitations are a great way to keep your wedding “green”. Listen in as we chat with Lauren all about digital invitations and why they are perfect for you.

-Tell us about yourself and your company

-How did and where did Greenvelope.com begin

-Since digital invites are non-traditional, when did it become acceptable to send digital invites for a wedding?

-What are the advantages of using digital invites?

-What are the prices?

-What info does a bride need to build her digital invites?

-How long before the wedding does a bride need to send out her digital invites?

-What about a save the date?

-How would you convince a skeptic to use digital invites for their wedding?

-Any other info about digital invites that our brides might want to know?

Digital Invitation

If I were doing this again I'd absolutely go the digital route. The ease of keeping track and not having to hand write is a no brainer. If you are a bride that just has to have paper invitations that's completely fine. This is an alternate option. I feel like if I were to receive a digital invitation it would be just as personal as a paper.

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Digital Invitation

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