#13 Why Having a Floral Designer is Important

Episode #13 Why Having a Floral Designer is Important and a Conversation with Chelsea Dudder-Cox

Chelsea - Floral DesignerToday we have a special guest, floral designer Chelsea chatting about all things wedding floral. Wedding floral can be an overwhelming part of the wedding planning process but with the help of a professional designer, it can be a fun and exciting part. So listen in as Chelsea gives us some amazing tips and information to guide you in finding the perfect designer.

-Tell us about yourself and your company

-Why does a bride need a floral design professional?

-When should a bride start her search for floral designer?

-How important is it that the bride and the designer mesh well?

-What information does a designer need to know in order to give a bride an estimate?

-How long before the wedding can a bride make changes to her floral?

-What are the common services that a floral design company offer?

-Do most floral designer offer rental items?

-What are the basic must haves floral items for a wedding?

-In your opinion, what would HAVE to have at your wedding?

-What is the price range for an average wedding?

-Are consultations typically complimentary and if not, does it come off of the price of their invoice?

-Are there any tips that you can give a bride in order to help her keep on the budget?

Floral Designer - sample

Now you know why a designer is a very important person to have on your team. Chelsea had some great advice especially the part about finding a designer that you like personally. There are so many decisions to make around floral that a designer that fits your personality can bring your style and wants to life. Whether it's your bouquet style or how many centerpieces you need, a designer can show you how to achieve your vision without busting the budget or looking like DIY gone bad. Your designer can also show you how to get your ideal look and feel in your budget.

Many floral designers offer initial consultations complimentary, but there are some designers that do not. If the consultation is not complimentary usually it is take off of your final invoice.

It's not common place to ask your designer for a free mock-up of your bouquet or centerpiece because many designers do not have an on hand supply of flowers the flower you have chosen. So if you really wanted a mock up it will most likely be an added expense. But sometimes you can purchase a portrait bouquet if you are having bridal portraits taken ahead of time. The bouquet can be in the style of your chosen wedding day bouquet.

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