#14 – A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Etiquette

A BRIDE'S GUIDE, wedding etiquette

Episode #14 – A Bride's Guide to Wedding Etiquette

Weddings can be carried out in any number of ways but there is definitely a certain etiquette to be followed. You want to have fun, it's your day, but you also want all those involved AND your guest to enjoy the celebration too. We have an episode full of questions and answers all about wedding etiquette for you. Just to give you a bit of peace for your wedding day

Wedding Planning:

If I know someone can’t attend, do I need to send an invitation anyway?

If someone lets you know that they have a conflict, don’t follow up with an invitation. In the case of very close friends and family, you may want to send an invitation anyway with a note that explains you are sending it as a keepsake.

Can I skip the cake?

Yes, you can! There are many options to consider such as a candy bar or donut station. If you do skip the cake, remember  that the cake cutting is traditionally a signal to guests that it is okay to leave without being rude.

Who hosts the bridal shower?

Anyone from the bridesmaids to the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom can host a bridal shower.

I’m paying for the wedding myself, how can I tell my parents I don't want to invite certain people?

Give your parents an allotted amount of spots they can fill as they wish.

Am I expected to iInvite all of my coworkers?

You do not have to invite everyone you work with, but try to pick a logical dividing line, like your division or team, so people don’t feel excluded.

How do I deal with guests who ask to bring their kids even when we said no kids?

You just need to talk to the guest and kindly but firmly let them know it's an adult only event.

Can I register for gifts if it’s my second marriage?

Whether it’s your first marriage or your third, you can still register.

How long do I have to send a Thank-You note?

Though it’s best to send a thank-you note as soon as possible, you have approximately three months to express your gratitude.

Do I have to toss the bouquet and the garter?

You actually don’t have to do either of these things. Many couples choose to just toss the bouquet or to simply hand it off to the couple in the room who has been married the longest.

Do I have to hand out favors?

Simply No. Many actually end up in the trash.

Can I invite my ex to the wedding?

As a rule, it’s usually recommended that ex's not be invited to the wedding, even if you are friends. But each situation should be assessed on a case by case basis.

Should I include my registry info on the invite?

No, you should not because gifts aren't a “have to”.


Can I include a map in my invite?

Yes but make sure it's not just a copy, make it as beautiful as the invite itself.

We are planning a small wedding but larger reception, do we need to send separate invitations?

Send an invitation to everyone to the reception and a separate card for the ones invited to the ceremony.

Groom's traditional duties, wedding etiquette

Grooms Traditional Duties:

  • Selecting Engagement Ring
  • Guest list (his part)
  • His parents – guest list
  • Choosing his and his attendant's attire
  • Selecting thank you gifts for his attendants
  • Arranging and paying for all attendants
  • Selecting bride's gift ( if you are doing that)
  • Arranging the honeymoon (with the bride)
  • Choosing wedding bands (with the bride)
  • Obtaining the marriage license
  • Arranging transportation for his attendants to the ceremony
  • Being dressed and ready before pictures/ceremony
  • Giving rings to best man for safe keeping
  • Preparing and delivering all fees for the ceremony(vendors)
    • Make sure to give the payments to the correct person
    • Tips are appreciated
  • Making and responding to toast at the rehearsal and reception
  • If you are dancing: Dancing with bride, mother, and mother in law

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