6 Tips to Help Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

6 wedding cake

Organizing the perfect wedding cake for the big day is certain to be quite exciting with endless opportunities to get THE perfect style.

Here are six tips to help choose the perfect wedding cake:

Calculate a sensible budget

A wedding is expensive to organize and it helps to set a sensible budget for the different elements. While a wedding cake is a great focal feature on your special day, it is also critical to look at the cost of other things like music, catering, venue, outfits, flowers, etc. Set a realistic budget that won’t impact other aspects of your wedding, while still being big enough to be enjoyed by your guests at the reception.

Decide on the cake theme

Give a lot of thought to the details of your wedding and match it to the theme. All aspects of your wedding should tie in and that includes the wedding cake. A cake is easily designed to complete other aspects of the theme of your wedding, the flowers, and coloring.

Get inspired

Use online and print media to get an idea of the wide-ranging styles of wedding cakes. Get inspiration from what is out there and use it to create something a little more unique. Whether classic or unique styled, there are endless opportunities to design the perfect cake.

Collect copies of the best cakes by creating a simple mood board by cutting pictures from a print magazine or print out pictures sourced online. Alternatively, it might be easier to use something like Pinterest to collect pictures of the most interesting cakes. A useful function of the collection of pictures is to show a cake shop to see if they have the skill and imagination to provide the preferred style of cake.

Wedding Cake

Cake samples

Visit several specialist cake stores and ask for cake samples. It usually benefits to visit the bakeries able to provide the cake samples to get a better appreciation of the taste of the cake, icing, and sponge. By sampling early you will have a good idea of the end product and this gives you confidence in knowing you and your guests will love it.


While you are at the cake store, you might want to look at the availability of cupcakes which make a perfect gift for guests to take home. Cupcakes or similar take home food are great for the wedding meals that consist of traditional 3-course meals which don’t leave much space for desserts. But, for those hoping to create an amazing focal piece for their wedding reception area, a large and distinctive wedding cake is the preferred choice. Most reputable cake shops can create a cake to match your specific instructions.

Mix up cake sizes

Give your wedding guests more choices by having a varied mix of cake sizes from the full-size wedding cake to mini cupcakes and cake toppers. By giving the choice of cakes, you are able to match the tastes of even those guests that aren't keen on the main wedding cake.
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