#15 Questions Answered about Bar Service for your Wedding

Episode #15 Questions Answered about Bar Service for your Wedding with Special Guest Maureen McMahill with Bartenders Extraordinaire

Maureen - Bartenders ExtrodinairToday we are talking with Maureen McMahill with Bartenders Extraordinaire about what's involved in hiring a mobile bar service for your reception. You have options when it comes to making your reception a unique and fun experience for not only you but also your guests. Not all but many receptions involve alcohol. That can get out of hand and you sure do not want to play bartender while trying to enjoy your reception. So hiring a mobile bartending service would be a perfect solution. Listen in as we talk with Maureen.

-Tell us about yourself and your company.

-How do the law and regulations affect having a bar service at a wedding?

-What options does a couple have in terms of alcohol served?

-Can a couple bring in their own specially made beer or wine?

-Do you offer signature cocktails

-Do you coordinate with the caterer in order to serve drinks that complement the meal?

-Do you offer an option for the couple that isn't picky? They want to give you the number of guests and let you take care of the rest.

-How does the setup and clean up process work?

-What are some common questions that your couples ask?

Bartenders Extraordinaire

How neat would it be to have a signature drink even if it's non-alcoholic? It's also great that mobile bartending and staffing can take care of so much. Less for you to have to worry about.

Tips for open bars at the wedding:

-Have an open bar for a time before dinner.

-Have a designated time for an open bar, such as two hours.

-Open only for beer and wine and spirits are cash bar

-After dinner snacks to keep drinkers with food in their bellies and keep the water coming!

-Beer kegs are great for backyard receptions, but not for formal ones.

-A fun option is to have a specially made beer or wine with your signature blend made and served. There are companies that do this type of thing. With fun labels even!

-For safety, a designated watcher who would call for a cab or uber ride home.

So if you decide to serve alcohol at your reception, do yourself a favor and hire someone to help you. You want to be safe and make sure the laws are met. And remember to drink responsibly.

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