#16 How to Have an Unplugged Ceremony and a Social Reception


Episode #16 How to have an unplugged ceremony and a social reception.

What does having an “unplugged” ceremony mean? We've seen more and more complaints about the use of cell phones and social media during a wedding ceremony. It can cause a disruption, get in the way of photographers and videographers, and it's downright rude. Taking pics and videos during the ceremony can take a guest out of the celebration and distract from what is taking place. Some couples feel offended and would prefer to have guest wait until after the wedding, even the next day to have anything posted or shared with others. A wedding is a personal event in the lives of the couple getting married and they have chosen to have a selected few join in the ceremony. Many couples would prefer the guest be in the moment with them and save the social for the reception. So today we are sharing how to have an unplugged ceremony and a social reception. As a bonus, we thought we'd share reasons why you want a website just for your wedding!

*Found on Bing Images*
*Found on Bing Images*

A Few Reasons To Have An “Unplugged Ceremony”

  • Camera flashes ruin professional photos. This has happened throughout time, I've even been to a wedding where a guest was using an old school polaroid!
  • Photos of people holding up their phones and IPads. Who wants to look through their album and see a bunch of phones instead of the smiling or crying faces of their guests, friends and family?
  • The sounds! -See Polaroid!
  • Being detached from the ceremony taking place. Yes, we are a generation of multitaskers, but no one can fully be present while shooting a pic and posting to social media, I know I can't.
  • You have been invited to SHARE the ceremony with the COUPLE, not the internet.
  • It's totally acceptable to ask your guest to please turn off and put away cell phones during the ceremony. You can assure them that you've hired professionals and that you will absolutely share photos with them.
  • You can add to your invitations a small note that this will be an unplugged ceremony but that sharing is encouraged during the reception. Unless you really do not want anything shared, allowing the guest to share during the reception will make them feel like they are letting others celebrate too.
*Found on Bing images*
*Found on Bing images*

Social Media for your wedding:


  • Make them easy to remember
  • Include it on your website and invites
  • Ask DJ to announce it through the reception
  • Include it on programs or table numbers
  • Hashtags can be used on most social media platforms

Facebook page for weddings-

  • Think about creating a page for your wedding like your wedding website, your FB page can keep your guest up to date with all the happenings.
  • Think before you post- always think before you post anything; don't post negative comments.
  • Don't overshare: leave some details secret for that surprise element
  • Don't do play by play- Yes you can share that selfie of you and your tablemates but don't constantly post updates.
  • Keep a low profile- stay out of the photogs and videographers way when they are shooting. The happy couple will not be too happy if
  • You mess up the perfect shot, plus they paid lots of money for their photographers and videographers.
  • Don't post questionable photos-yes that photo of the bride falling while dancing drunk is funny but that is probably something she doesn't really want to remember. Think with a conscience, would you want a photo of you like that on FB?
  • Facebook is a great place to search for local vendors for your wedding.

Websites for weddings-

Why you should have a wedding website

  1. To tell your love story
  2. To keep family, friends and guests updated on the “whats, wheres, whens and                              hows”.
  3. Guests can RSVP online and you can easily maintain your guest list
  4. Gift registries can be listed there
  5. Hotel information for OOT guests
  6. Addresses and directions to ceremony and reception sites

Sites to create your wedding website-

-Until next time, no stress, no worries, keep calm and listen on-

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