What are the Maid of Honor Duties?


The maid of honor (MOH) role can be both emotional and practical.

Maid of honor duties are wide-ranging and include logistical support while being energetic and able to listening and follow through with the bride’s wishes.

Here are sixteen of the most commonly practiced maid of honor duties:

  1. Take control of the other bridesmaids. It is the maid of honor's role to give direction to the other maids and ensure they are able to complete their responsibilities.
  2. Ensure each of the bridesmaids gets a dress fitting and matching accessories needed for the special day.
  3. Give assistance with shopping for the gown for the bridal party (bride and bridesmaid).
  4. Provide help as requested with pre-wedding duties such as those related to organizing the wedding cake, choosing colors for the wedding, writing invites for the wedding, etc.
  5. After the ceremony and arrival at the reception, the MOH can give assistance with changing out the wedding dress and providing suiting storage in a practical place.
  6. A maid of honor should be there to listen to and help with the bride's needs. By lending an ear, it is possible to give advice on the marriage, planning or other issues. An MOH should make it clear that she it there to listen and let the bride share her thoughts.
  7. Make an appearance at each of the pre-wedding parties.
  8. A maid of honor should help to keep a complete list of the wedding shower and party gifts that have been received. Alternatively, if the MOH has many other responsibilities to take on, it might benefit to pass this role to one of the trusted bridesmaids.
  9. Plan the hen party with the help of other members of the bridal party to ensure a special occasion is organized to match the needs and interests of the guests.
  10. The MOH wants to make sure the bridesmaids are aware of the time and date of rehearsal and turn up on time. If necessary, she will help with coordinating lodging and transport if needed.
  11. Will ensure the bridesmaids turn up with similar makeup and hair styles and arrive at the wedding venue on time and are given their bouquet of flowers.
  12. Help to arrange the veil and train for the bride after arriving at the venue and will provide assistance as needed.
  13. The MOH will hold the bouquet for the bride while the vows are being exchanged.
  14. Be one of the witnesses with it comes to having the marriage license signed.
  15. Take on the role of being a hostess with other members of the bridal party like the bridesmaids. This might relate to inviting guests to sign the guestbook, taking care of the presents, giving directions to the restrooms, and showing guests to their seats.
  16. Plus, the maid of honor can collect up anything intended for the bride and groom such as gift envelopes or similar. A safe area should be put aside at the reception venue for storing these types of items.


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