All About Hairstyles for Wedding

All about wedding hair

After investing a lot of money on the perfect wedding dress it makes sense to use the service of a professional hair stylist to help complement your outfit.

Book your hair stylist early

When it comes to booking the services of a professional hair stylist it benefits to book early. A preferred time to start looking is a good 8-10 months prior to the wedding date. In addition to the bride, it also makes sense to book a session with the hair stylist for the groom, mothers of the bride and groom, and bridesmaids. Plus, it can benefit to do a trial run several months before the big day to make sure your chosen hair style is perfect for your occasion.

For the most drastic changes to your normal look, it might well benefit for this to take place at least 2-4 week prior to the wedding. This might relate to those cases of having a perm or changing your hair color. Doing this early gives more time for the hair to look more natural or soften. Also, for those brides planning on a complicated style, it might benefit to let the stylist start as late as possible to avoid issues later in the evening, especially for the complex up do.

wedding hairWhat wedding hair stylist

A professional hair stylist with experience in weddings will attempt a style that is able to fully complement your wedding theme. A good stylist will make sure to find out more about your wedding to ensure the style is able to match. If the stylist doesn’t bother to ask questions, this should be a concern and isn’t likely to put in a lot of effort to create the perfect look.

A hair stylist should give suggestions on the latest styles and trends that match the particular shape of your face. A long, sleek or top knot style is often favored by those with a round shaped face. A thin, long face can benefit from a style that gives extra width while a heart-shaped face benefits from a hair style that gives more width in the region of the jawline.

In addition to the shape of your face and figure, the style and the neckline of your wedding gown can have an impact on your hair style. Plus, if plans are to change the color of the hair, the actual change should take into account the color scheme of the wedding and bridal dress.

A benefit of booking early and having a trial run is the ability to change to a different stylist if the first one doesn’t work out. On such an important date it makes sense to search for the professional stylist that will provide your preferred look.

Matching the occasion

Your preferred style should pay close attention to the type or style of wedding. For instance, a more formal event can benefit from a sleek up do, while flowing curls might be more appropriate for a relaxed beach event.

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