4 Tips to Choose your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Short listing a preferred wedding photographer can be a difficult process with the range of services and packages offered.

A low-quality photographer can leave the bride and the groom feeling deflated with photos that are well-below the standard required.

Here are four tips to help choose a professional service for taking wedding photographs:

Type of photographer

A wedding photographer is categorized in one of three groups which can vary drastically in relation to the all-round quality of service and price (low-cost to luxury).

  • Low-cost – at the low-end of the spectrum is the low-end photographers which are part-time enthusiasts but don’t have a lot of prior experience. Most of these workers are on low rates ($15-$25 per hour). Because the photographer is lacking in experience, the service provided won’t have a lot of artistic quality, with a lot of bad composition, fake smiles, and un-natural images.
  • Middle-cost – moving onto the middle level and the quality of the photography should be much better. By paying the extra it is possible to choose a preferred wedding photographer after viewing their previous work. The cost can amount to about $500 to $3500 for an all-inclusive service. It benefits to use the service of those who operate a personal business, and you aren’t left relying on a service of a studio.
  • High-cost – at the high end of the spectrum is the professional photographers who have been in business for a long time and built up a solid reputation. The cost is that much more and usually in the region of $2,500 – $8,500+. But the packages offered can vary so it will be possible to get a more cost-effective service from the high-end providers with fewer features provided.

Use the people oriented photographer

Make sure to hire the wedding photographer who is relaxed and friendly and makes certain to capture every aspect of the wedding, including the culture and religion. Plus, it there is anything specific that the bride and groom would like capture, this information should be passed to the photographer.

Meet the photographer in person

The best outcome of hiring a professional photographer is when it is possible to conduct the in-person interview. This makes it easier to speak to them and discuss the specific requirements. Plus, it is essential to see past work in person to ensure the quality of work is able to match the needs.This also offers an opportunity to see if you mesh well.

Don't just copy a relative or friend

While it can benefit to get personal referrals from close friends or family members, it still makes sense to personally research the market to see what options are available. Photography can vary significantly and the bride and groom should choose a provider that offers a style that matches the specific needs. Get in contact with at least 3-4 photographers and meet them in person to carefully review the services provided and costs.

*For a more in-depth discussion about finding a wedding photographer, please listen to the podcast episode where we chat with Photographer Stephanie Walls.  Click this link: Podcast Episode #7*

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