#26 Wedding Parties and How to Choose Them

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Episode #26 Wedding Parties and How to Choose Them

Today we're talking about choosing your wedding party with a bonus: wedding party duties. It can be a hard thing to do, not wanting hurt feelings but having the party that YOU want.  We're here to help you figure out how to do just that.

Things to consider when choosing your wedding party:

  • There is no required or set number of maids or groomsmen in order for a wedding to go smoothly.
  • You can absolutely have an uneven number – two best men, maid and matron of honor.
  • Choose Maid or Matron of honor that will be there for you in a helpful way.
  • Bridesmaids can be married or unmarried.
  • You can have someone of the opposite sex stand up for you – best girl, man of honor.
  • Consider the size and formality of your wedding – for a small: one or two and a large or larger party (keep in mind the added expense).
  • You are responsible for bouquets and boutonnieres, wedding party gifts as well as wedding party accommodations (if they are coming in from out of town).
  • Make sure to check with your church for religious rules.
  • Look for these qualities in your attendants – reliability, helpful, courteous, and fun (as they are ambassadors of your families).
  • Ask them to be your attendant at least 6 mons to a year prior to the wedding. Give them the courtesy if time allows.

Bonus Content!

Duties of your wedding party:

Maid or Matron of honor: Her responsibilities are many, she helps you select attire for the wedding party. She helps with communications with wedding professionals including the planner. She helps with addressing your invitations and place cards. Coordinating the shower and/or batch party is up to her. She organizes the combined gift from all of your attendants. If you choose to have a bridesmaid luncheon she is the one who organizes it. During the ceremony, she holds your groom's wedding ring and your bouquet. She is to witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate. During the receptions, she should be there for you. She is also needed to help you change into your going away clothes and keep track of dress.

Best Man: Organizes the bachelor party. He is to coordinate groomsmen gift and give an individual gift. He is also in charge of the groom's payments if the wedding planner isn't already. He is to make sure the groomsmen and ushers are properly groomed and ready to go on time. He instructs ushers in correct seating if there is a seating chart. He holds the bride's ring. He also is to witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate. He drives bride and groom to reception if there is no hired car. One of his responsibilities is to offer the first toast at the reception and to dance with the bride, each mother, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and single ladies. He also is to take care of groom's wedding clothes including returning rentals.

Jr Maids: Their only responsibility is to be at the wedding.

Flower girl 3-7: There can be more than one but they are to stand with the bridesmaids or sit with parents.

Ring Bearer 3-7: He walks before flower girl but if he's very young they enter together. We advise that they not really carry ring

When it comes to the wedding party, the couple's financial responsibilities are not to supply everything.

The attendants should pay for their own attire, alterations, shoes, hair and makeup, jewelry, transportation, and gifts to the wedding couple.

So when it comes time to choose your wedding party, take these things into consideration and you will be happier and less stressed when the big day arrives.

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