8 Tips to Help Hire your Wedding Planner

8 tips to help hire your wedding plannerHiring a professional wedding planner can save you time and stress leading up to the special day.

Here are eight tips to hire your perfect wedding planner:


A great place to start with hiring a wedding planner is by engaging with those that have already built up a certain degree of past experience. Short list those planners that can provide proof of prior experience in the kind of wedding you hope to have planned and likely venue.

Get recommendations

Get word of mouth recommendations from family members or friends if possible. If you have any close friends or relatives that have got married recently, asked them if a wedding planner was used and if they would vouch for the quality of service provided.

Set a realistic budget

Shop around for at least 3-4 different planners to help in the process of determining the budget. Only go with those wedding planners that fall within your acceptable price range. Plus, it can help to source the planners that have a pre-existing relationship with suppliers and vendors and might be in a position to help attract further discounts. This has the benefit of being able to stretch your budget that little bit further.

Identify a theme

It helps to identify a theme for the wedding to make it easier for every party to have a full appreciation of what is wanted and expected. Create a shortlist of the possible themes and pass this information onto the planner and see what they are able to do.

Be honest

Make sure to discuss openly with your planner your needs and expectations to increase the chance of getting a dream wedding created. Plus, open and honest answers should be given when the planner asks about the scope of imagination, budget, the level of maintenance, needs, wishes, etc.

Determine the rate charge

The cost and payment methods can vary with different wedding planners with a price either fixed or flat rates while others charge an hourly fee. Using a service with a fixed service rate makes it easier to budget this type of service. But you may need to be flexible considering what you need and want.

Sign the contract

Once a preferred wedding consultant has been identified and the terms and price agreed to make sure to get the details confirmed in writing. After signing a contract, there are more guarantees in place which will help to protect both parties’ interests in the event of something going wrong.

Consult with your partner

Booking the services of a wedding planner is a large commitment, so it makes sense to discuss the matter with your partner to ensure the right selection is made and it fits within your agreed budget.

Family guidance

Let your close family members meet the wedding planner because in most cases the consultant will have some involvement with them to ensure your wedding is organized without complications. If the bride or groom is busy it can help for the planner to have alternative contact information to avoid slowing or stopping the organization process.


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