#29 All You Need to Know About Wedding Videography

Episode #29 – All You Need to Know About Wedding Videography with Guest Reid Johnson Owner of Best Made Videos

Best Made Videos – Wedding Promo from Best Made Videos on Vimeo.

Wedding Videography

It's increasingly more important to find a good videographer. In recent years, wedding videography has evolved into something creative. Not the standard uncle or friend with the handheld video camera. Listen in as we give you some info on what to look for in a videographer.

Today our guest is Reid Johnson, owner of Best Made Videos. Reid is an Emmy-nominated photojournalist and has over 10 years of videography experience.

* Do videographers have a particular style or do they work with the style that the couple is wanting?

* What elements (ceremony, interviews…) are typically included in wedding videos?

* What is an average cost for a wedding video?

* Do videographers normally coordinate with the photographers, to out of each others way?

* How do videographers stay unobtrusive during the ceremony and key moments?

* What equipment is usually used (how many cameras, microphones, go pros, lights)?

* How long does it usually take to get a finished video?

* We know that having a second shooter for the photography is a must, what about a second shooter for the video?

* After the edit what is the ordering process like?

* Anything else that a couple might want or need to know when looking for a wedding videographer?

So now we know what a videographer can do for you and how important it is to find the right one. Much like the Photographer, a great videographer can give you something that you will cherish for many years to come. And like Reid mentioned, films give you a different level of emotion. So when you are planning your wedding please make sure to include videography in the budget and make it a priority.

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Mallum Wedding – Bainbridge Island, Wa from Best Made Videos on Vimeo.



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