#66 – What to Do in the Month Before Your Wedding

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What to Do in the Month Before Your Wedding – Episode #66

In this episode, we will share with you the MUST DO item to put on your list.

The month leading up to your wedding will be a busy one, so we've compiled a list of things to help you to not forget anything.

  1. Book spa treatment, nails, facial, waxing
  2. Break in shoes
  3. Seating charts, if you are doing them (#54 – Tips on How to Plan Seating Charts)
  4. Bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, and bride/groom gift
  5. Write vows (#41 – Vows, Traditional or Not?)
  6. Get your hair done, cut and color
  7. Confirm with Vendors including:
    1. DJ – songs
    2. Floral – make any last minute changes
    3. Rehearsal dinner venue/restaurant (#53 – The Rehearsal Dinner Show)
    4. Officiant
    5. Transportation
  8. Get final headcount
  9. Share final headcount with vendors that need it: caterers, bar service, floral and décor (esp if adding tables), rentals for tables and chairs, venue (add in vendor meals if you haven't)
  10. Get your marriage license
  11. Wedding day timeline
  12. Emergency kit for day of (#6 What You Need to Know for a Stress-less Wedding Day)
  13. Confirm honeymoon plans
  14. Last fitting and cleaning/prepping your dress
  15. Check in with your bridal party to make sure everyone is well and able to come, and the dress/outfits fit
  16. Create your program
  17. Pack for that honeymoon
  18. Get your guest book
  19. Get a copy of your invitation to your photographer
  20. Organize your accessories, shoes, undies, jewelry
  21. Don't forget to hydrate, start drinking lots of water
  22. IF you are doing welcome bags/baskets make sure to have them put together
  23. If you are moving, you can put your change of address into the post office
  24. Non-RSVPs, it's pretty late in the game but you or your designated person can contact each of them to get a final
  25. Arrange for house/pet/child sitter for your honeymoon trip
  26. Set up “in case of emergency” contact for your honeymoon trip
  27.  Make time for yourself, your SO-go on a date, have a quiet evening in, don't talk wedding details.

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What to Do in the Month Before Your Wedding - Episode #66
Article Name
What to Do in the Month Before Your Wedding - Episode #66
The month before your wedding will be a busy one, so we've compiled a list of things to help you so you don't forget anything.
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From Ring to Veil | A Wedding Planning Podcast

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