113 – Bridal Shower Etiquette

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Bridal Shower Etiquette- Episode # 113

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We received an email from a listener asking about bridal shower etiquette and we thought it would be a great topic to discuss.

Courtney Shaw's email answer

Who hosts?

Family members

Groom's mother or sister

Bridal Party

According to Emily Post, the MOH or bridesmaids are not required to host but are encouraged to do so.

The Hostess is required to give a gift.

Showers should be intimate gatherings, so close friends and family are usually invited. Please ask the bride's advice on who to invite.

When to host- two months to 2 weeks before wedding date

Guest to the bridal shower should be wedding guests

You can have multiple bridal showers, would choose a different theme for them






Also if having multiple showers, it would be better to invite people who haven't attended one already, immediate family not included.

If invited to more than one shower, you need to only bring a gift to the first one attended.

Gifts are usually opened after food is served,

Your guests expect you to open gifts so they can ooh and awe over what they gave you.

Put the registry info on the invite it will let your guests know what you want and need.  Also for a Personal or lingerie shower include your sizes.

You do not need to pass around your personal gifts, you can hold them up and they can gasp at them but please don't pass around.

Depending on the type of shower, you do not need to have games to play.  Say you are having an afternoon tea, I wouldn't play silly games.

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Bridal Shower Etiquette- Episode # 113
Article Name
Bridal Shower Etiquette- Episode # 113
We received an email from a listener asking about etiquette for bridal showers and we thought it would be a great topic to discuss.
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From Ring to Veil - Wedding Planning Podcast

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