5 Secrets for Staying Calm on your Wedding Day


Here are 5 secrets to staying calm on your wedding day.

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  1. Get a good night of sleep

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We all know that sleep is good for us and getting a night of good rest before your wedding day will help with staying calm.  You can have your rehearsal and dinner but stay in for the night before your special day.  Have a slumber party with your bridesmaids,  don't drink too much and go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  Have your bachelorette party a week or two before your wedding.

2. Delegate

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You know there are plenty of things that need to get done but you don't need to do them. Delegate these responsibilities to your bridal party, parents or better yet hire a Day of Coordinator.  A Coordinator will act as your point person for all vendors, he/she will know what to do, where things go, and how things are setup.  Coordinators will help you develop a timeline for everything you want to include in your wedding.

3. Don't stress over “what ifs”

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Don't worry about “what if” I trip down the aisle or if the cake is lopsided. Things will go wrong but if you have responsible vendors and an excellent Day of Coordinator or planner you will never know that they happened. Staying calm is your job, let the vendors do theirs.

4. EAT!

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You need to eat.  Have a big breakfast and eat small meals or snacks throughout the day, this will keep your blood sugar and your energy level up. Chances are you will not be able to eat your full dinner at the reception, there is just too much going on.

5. Have Fun!

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You are marrying the love of your life, have fun on your day.  Talk to your guest, hang out with your bridal party and dance the night away.

I hope these tips will help you relax on your special day and if you want to know more about wedding stress please listen to episode #70 Pre-Wedding Stress, Causes, and Relief.

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5 Secrets for Staying Calm on your Wedding Day
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5 Secrets for Staying Calm on your Wedding Day
Weddings can be stressful and we think we can help. Here are five secrets for staying calm and stress-free on your wedding day.
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From Ring to Veil | A Wedding Planning Podcast

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