118 – Asian and Pacific Island Weddings

Asian and Pacific Island Weddings, new creations, Rebecca Grant

Asian and Pacific Island Weddings – Episode #118

Asian and Pacific Island Weddings, new creations, Rebecca GrantToday we have with us guest host, Rebecca Grant of New Creations Weddings. Rebecca began her wedding planning career on the island of O’ahu. She has planned weddings in Oahu, Maui, Portland, and the greater Seattle area. Rebecca is seen as the premier authority on Asian wedding customs within the Seattle market. She is here today to give us a little insight into Asian/Pacific Island Weddings.

Tell us about your journey, how did you become an Asian/Pacific Island wedding specialist?
What traditions do you most often see?

  • Chinese weddings
  • Japanese weddings
  • Filipino
  • Hawaiian

What do you do if a couple is Asian, but doesn’t really want to bring in a lot of culture or traditions into the wedding day?

  • We understand and respect family dynamics
  • We understand what is done if an item or gift is given
  • See if we want to honor parents/grandparents

Are there other vendors that are bilingual or specialize in Asian weddings?

  • I have found several photographers and a few videographers, however, have not been able to find an officiant or DJ that is bilingual.

What do you do in that case?

  • Bring in a professional interpreter or have a family member who is comfortable

What about Asian desserts?

  • We go through an Asian bakery or if a traditional cake is wanted, there are several bakeries that offer less-sweet cakes/pastries.

What do you suggest if a couple is getting married at a venue that has in-house catering? Will they be able to replicate a lot of the flavors/specialty foods?

  • Most venues are very respectful of the needs of Asian cultures, and if they don’t have a chef who is experienced or confident in that, they are willing to bring in an outside vendor to be sure it is as authentic as possible.

Asian and Pacific Island Weddings, new creations, Rebecca Grant





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Asian-Pacific Island Weddings – Episode #118
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Asian-Pacific Island Weddings – Episode #118
Today we have with us guest host, Rebecca Grant who specializes in Asian and pacific Island weddings. Her career started on the island of O’ahu.
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From Ring to Veil | A Wedding Planning Podcast

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