119 – BoHo Wedding Ideas

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BoHo Wedding Ideas Episode #119

The boho wedding is one of my (Kim's) favorites. Things like earthy, flowy, soft, and romantic are all things that describe the boho wedding.

BoHo Wedding Dress

Free and flowy

Floral hair wreaths or greenery

Unique veils

Messy looks hair, braids, waves

Faux fur and feathers

BoHo Wedding Décor

Romantic and earthy

Floral and plant elements – chairs, dishes, arbor, cake…

Branches and ribbons

Natural, rugs, dreamcatchers,

Fairy lights actually lights of any kind

Arches and swings

Floor seating on pillows

Hanging botanicals

Macrame backdrops

Chill areas/lounges


Draped ropes


Family style


BoHo Wedding Floral

Bright wildflower look

Lots of greenery

Earthy elements


BoHo Wedding Cakes

Florals including painted

Naked w/florals or fruits


Use elements from your wedding, if feathers are your vibe go for it

BoHo Wedding Invitations

Water colored

Earthy, kraft paper…


Laser cut

Belly bands that have elements of your wedding, floral, dream catchers, feathers…


We have with us Mom & Daughter Duo Tabby and Lesa of Homegrown Honeys Rustic Rentals and Décor. They are here to tell us all about the Rustic Bride NW Expo that is coming up on May 7th, 2017.

What is the expo like?
Where is the expo?
Who, or what vendors, will be there?
When is it?
We hear that there is a contest going on.
There will also be an informal fashion show put on by Cinderella's Secret.
What about the guys? Will they enjoy the show?

We will be there! Come say hi, grab a sticker and sit down with us for an update on how your wedding planning is going!


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BoHo Wedding Ideas Episode #119
Article Name
BoHo Wedding Ideas Episode #119
Things like earthy, flowy, soft, and romantic are all things that describe the BoHo wedding. The BoHo wedding is one of my (Kim's) favorites.
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From Ring to Veil | A Wedding Planning Podcast

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