Hey Groom, get involved in the planning, too!

Hey, Groom, I know that the wedding is all about the bride but…

Groom in gray suit with boutonniere

there are some fun things that will need your input.


Beef sliders with ketchup on the bun with bacon

Get involved in planning the menu.  You like good food and you want good food at your wedding reception.  Choose some caterers or food trucks for you both to check out! If she won't relent on a sit-down dinner then maybe plan the appetizers, dessert bar or late night snack.

The Men's Attire

Groom in white shirt, black bow tie and suspenders

Yes, she wants you to look dapper in a suit but let her know that you would like to pick out the style and cut and maybe some fun accessories like suspenders, the tie, cufflinks, tie clips, etc. Bring out your style! I would also recommend men's grooming on your wedding day, making you and your g-men look clean cut and handsome!  Neck and beard trims do wonders!
Music for the reception

Disc Jockey at Wedding reception with awesome lighting

A DJ will make or break a party so choose a great one.  The DJ will most likely be a part of the ceremony and reception.  He can make microphones available during the ceremony and make sure you are both heard throughout. A DJ can be a Master of Ceremony, announcing all the activities during your reception and he will keep the party going all night long or at least until the city's noise ordinance takes effect.  You, the groom, can choose the music or types of music to play, please make sure it fits both of your styles.  The music will set the tone for the party.

The Honeymoon

A honeymoon couple on a tropical beach at sunset

Take over the honeymoon planning, it will be one less thing on her to-do list.  You should know what she likes to do and where her idea vacation spot would be.  Take care of it all, airline tickets, accommodations, excursions, and activities or just plan to stay in the hotel room for the whole trip! 😉 If she likes surprises don't give her details, let her maid of honor pack her bags and keep the destination a secret.

happy bride and groom on their wedding day

Our advice for you whether you are a bride or groom is to prioritize your needs and wants, collaborate and hire a planner or day of coordinator, they are always a big help in the planning process and can find you top notch vendors.  Your bride has many things on her to-do list and would love the help of you and others with the planning process. In the end, the outcome of your wedding day is that you are married to the love of your life.
If you would like more information about groom and groomsmen day of grooming please listen to Episode # 17 with guest host Alex Lewis from Tied Knot Gentlemen's Grooming
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Hey Groom, get involved in the planning, too!
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Hey Groom, get involved in the planning, too!
Hey, Groom, I know that the wedding is all about the bride but there are some fun things that will need your input.
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