Wedding Planning Regrets

What is the one thing that you regret not planning for your wedding?


A while ago I asked a question to former brides what they regretted not having or doing in their weddings and we received some great replies.

The main one was a Videographer!

Videographer with a camera in your face

Our Videographer guru, Reid Johnson from Best Made Videos will tell you 79% will regret not hiring one.  Some think that it is an extravagant expense but I believe that a videography captures real-time emotion and that makes it worth it for me!

The next most popular regret is Dancing

Dancing at the wedding with green and blue lights

Dancing is always fun and drunk people dancing is hilarious so it's a good idea to have your guests movin' and groovin' on the dance floor. A good DJ is recommended, they can keep the party flowing.

Assigned seating was a big regret.

Bride place card pine cone on white linenHaving seating charts and place cards for a sit-down dinner is almost a must.   It makes it easier on the caterer and your guest so they know where they are seating and what meal they are getting.  Even if you are not having a sit-down dinner a seating chart would be a good idea, it helps tame the dinner chaos.

Do you regret not hiring a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator?

Planner helping bride with her dress before the ceremony

Hiring a planner or a day-of coordinator is always a great idea, it makes it easier for you and your vendors.  They are your go-to person during your wedding planning and your wedding day.  Your planner knows great vendors, they plan your whole day out.  If a vendor has a question or something goes wrong they will handle it, not you! You may not even know anything went wrong on your day because of them.

Anna Lorenz of Pacific Coast Bride sums it up pretty well:

“You don't want to think about missing coffee creamer on your wedding day, something so small can cause a chain reaction and can really put an unnecessary kink in the day.”
Planners take care of all the little things that can go wrong or you forgot to plan for!  I for one would be devastated if someone forgot the creamer for my coffee. 😉

Please check out the awesome vendors we talked about on this post

Reid Johnson of Best Made Videos

Anna Lorenz of Pacific Coast Bride

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Wedding Planning Regrets
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Wedding Planning Regrets
What is the one thing that you regret not having or planning your wedding? We asked several former brides this question and here are some of their regrets.
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