132 – Bachelor Party Ideas

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Bachelor Party Ideas – Episode #132

A bachelor party seems to be a right of passage for men getting married.  It doesn't always need to be a night of debauchery or turn out to be like the movie The Hangover, it can be a night of male bonding and adventure.

Traditionally the Best Man was in charge of hosting the evening.  It originally was a gentlemen's evening with dinner, drinking, smoking, nd toasting.

Make it a guys weekend and make sure to schedule it way in advance of the wedding. Schedule fun things to do each night (Friday and Saturday) and plan something during the day on Saturday. Sunday morning do breakfast and say goodbye

Make a weekend out of it

Take a road trip



Beach destination

Mountain destination

Nighttime activities:

Pub crawls-

Gambling/Casino night

Nice steakhouse dinner and cigar bar

Poker night

Take in a baseball/hockey/football/basketball games

If you just need to do a strip club, opt for a high class one (sexy, not raunchy), do research, or take in a burlesque show.

Gaming weekend

Beach time/bonfire

Daytime activities( don't do anything that will injure or maim):


Deep sea fishing

Scuba diving


Dune buggies/ ATV’s


Some guidelines:

This is not an event for 50 of the Groom's closest friends.

Everyone invited should be ones that get along.

Split the cost with the groomsmen but not the groom.

Make sure everyone has a ride home. Designate someone to be the Uber concierge.

Make sure the Groom is having a good time but not doing anything he will regret in the morning.

Don't do anything dangerous or exceedingly dangerous.

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Bachelor Party Ideas - Episode #132 
Article Name
Bachelor Party Ideas - Episode #132 
A Bachelor party seems to be a right of passage. It doesn't always need to be a night of debauchery it can be a night of male bonding and adventure. 
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast
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