133 – Another Wedding Q&A Session

Another Wedding Q&A Session | Wedding Planning Podcast

Another Wedding Q&A Session – Episode #133

It's time for another Wedding Q&A session.  We are all about giving you the answers you want. From reserving seats to thank you gifts. We've got it all for you.

Before we get to that, we want to thank you all for your support and sharing of the show.  We enjoy doing this and are so glad to be helping you out in your wedding planning.

How to let guests take pics without getting in photographer's way? 

Have a specified time before or after your professional photos for all guest to take pics with the couple.  Make sure to note it on your program or invite.  Then ask that no pics be taken during the ceremony.

Reserve seating for non-RSVP family members? 

This would be totally up to you.  But I wouldn't reserve. I would make sure that you have a row or two of extra chairs just in case.

How to handle, more Groomsmen than Bridesmaids? 

There's nothing really to handle.  You can have uneven numbers.  They can also walk by themselves down the aisle.  They could also stand with the groom and not walk down the aisle.

Appropriate length for an outdoor ceremony? 

Depending on the weather, of course, we suggest no longer than 20 minutes.  If it's really hot try to make it as short as possible.

What to have instead of photo booth for guests? 

You can set up a faux booth. Hang a backdrop on the wall, have some props, and let them take their own pics!

Having cocktails before the wedding instead of after? 

It's ok to do so but you must keep in mind that you don't necessarily want your guests to be too inebriated during the ceremony.  That just opens it up to craziness.  Maybe a one/two drink minimum with drink tickets or something.

Wedding dress prep? 

You'll need to have your dress steamed to be wrinkle free.  Make sure to talk to your bridal shop or designer about this.

How to say no kids allowed? 

Simply add it to your invite.  Find the nicest way to word it though.

Dress fittings? 

You will most likely have at least two fittings.

Shop the city

How many bridesmaids are too many? 

First, consider the size of your venue and your guest list. A good rule of thumb would be one per 30 guests.  If you want to honor friends, you could have them walk the aisle and then sit on the front row.

Short or long dress for a Vegas wedding? 

Totally up to you!

One of my guests plus one is not able to attend, how do retract the plus on invite due to limited seating and budget? 

You clearly and very nicely, call or email and let them know that you have to rescind the plus one invitation due to limited seating.  But are very much not rescinding their invitation.

Is it ok to unask a bridesmaid (long time friend) who is not helping and ask a new friend who has been very helpful? 

This is a sticky thing.  You should be able to do so if they are your friend.  But have you considered adding the new friend to your list?

Young flower girls, flowers, wands, or anything else? 

Wands absolutely.  Halos or hair combs too.  Baskets and petals might be too much if they are too young.

When do you give your bridal party the thank you gifts? 

We suggest giving them at either the rehearsal dinner or setting a small amount of time to do so on the morning of the wedding.

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Another Wedding Q&A Session – Episode #133 
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Another Wedding Q&A Session – Episode #133 
It's time for another Wedding Q&A session.  We are all about giving you the answers you want. From reserving seats to thank you gifts. We've got it all for you.  
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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