136 – Wedding Day Delegating

Wedding Day Delegating, From Ring to Veil, Wedding Planning Podcast

Wedding Day Delegating – Episode #136 

We always tell you to delegate, but we haven't told you what to delegate and to whom.  Today we are going to do just that. We've found a few things that you can delegate to your friends and family. 

Wedding Day Delegating: 
  • Hotel Reservations 
  • Breaking down tables 
  • Where to sit during ceremony
  • Guest book attendant 
  • Handing out programs 
  • Parking attendants 
  • Hand out exit (confetti, sparklers…) 
  • Handing out directions to reception 
  • Tips for the vendors if your planner handling  
  • Older relatives, restrooms, where they need to be, drinks and food 
  • Taking home centerpieces or taking them somewhere to be donated 
  • Give someone your phone/camera and ask them to get some snapshots during the reception 
  • Décor 
  • Keep track of gifts 
  • Confirm your appointments 
  • Bouquets: drying off, collecting and placing where they should be after ceremony/pictures,  
  • Transportation setup from the ceremony to reception for Bride and Groom and for guests (uber) (backup plan) 
  • Cards (gifts) 
  • Going away stuff, bags, getting ready areas.  
  • What if moments, go to, and can make decisions 

These are dependent on the person and their talents. 

Maid/Matron of Honor: 

  • Favors, if you are doing them 
  • Addressing invitations 
  • Helping to pick out bridesmaid's attire 
  • Making sure the bride uses the restroom and will help her use if need 
  • Reception shoes 

Mother of the Bride: 

  • Calling friends and family to check and confirm 
  • Ready and dressed before bride so that she can help bride get dressed and with her jewelry 
  • Mingling and greeting 

Mother of the Groom: 

  • Instructing the cake placement or florals 
  • Speeches – their own and other are ready to go 
  • Mingling and greeting 
  • Prepared to dance with son 

Fathers or uncles:  

  • Building of arbors or special benches (if woodworking is their thing) 
  • Help move extra chairs if doing a room flip 
  • Escorts 
  • Fathers prepared to dance 

 *Please consider hiring at least a day of planner. Experienced and recommended.* 

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-Until next time, No Stress No Worries Keep Calm and Listen On- 

Wedding Day Delegating – Episode #136 
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Wedding Day Delegating – Episode #136 
We always tell you to delegate on your wedding day, but we haven't told you what to delegate and to whom.  Today we are going to do just that.
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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