137 – All About the Wedding Rehearsal

All About the Wedding Rehearsal, from ring to veil, Wedding planning podcast

All About the Wedding Rehearsal – Episode #137 

This is what we consider the “perfect” wedding rehearsal. Kate with GSquared Weddings joins Kim to share her insight on wedding rehearsals.  

*Be on time* 

A time to ask all questions 

Who should attend:

  •   Anyone who is involved in the ceremony
  •   Bridal Party 
  •   Parents 
  •   DJ if possible (songs and timing) 
  •   Officiant 
  •    Planner 

What to do 

  • Walk through of ceremony 
  • 2x walk through of Pro and recessional 
  • The second walkthrough is the flow of ceremony, rings bouquet… 
  • Ushering and where everyone is sitting 
  • Going through songs 
  • When readings are 
  • After second recessional  
  • Where they will go at the end, reception or docs… 
  • Talk about timeline 
  • Venue tour 
  • Gifts and where to place them 
  • Getting ready place 
  • Placement of tables 
  • Cake 
  • Signage 
  • bathrooms 
  • One more run through… 

How long should it be 

  • About an hour 

When should it be 

  • One to three days prior to the wedding, most venues around here 2 days before 

What to talk about during 

  • Processional – parents, grandparents, order to seat, how to walk down 
  • Recessional – Order, what happens, where to go after 
  • Where family is to sit 
  • Where bridal party will be standing 
  • Littles – standing and sitting 
  • Songs – timing, cue, what songs 
  • Readings or prayers 
  • Flow of ceremony 
  • Rings 
  • Bouquet 
  • Fluff dress 
  • Unity ceremony 
  • Any other special elements 
  • Timeline for the next day 
  • When to be there 
  • If they need to be fully dressed upon arrival 
  • Photos – times 
  • Bridal party – When and where they are getting ready and is that the same location as dressed 

General tour of venue (restrooms…) 


Remember that this is your time to figure it all out!

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-Until next time, No Stress No Worries Keep Calm and Listen On- 

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