138 – Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned, wedding planning podcast

Lessons Learned – Episode #138 

Awesome feedback on previous shows.  Thank you to all of you that took the time to comment! 

Lessons learned by newly weds when it comes to wedding planning.

If it can be delegated, do it 

Hiring Pros 

Be more patient with your fiancé 

Stress less and let go 

Things will happen 

Do it because you want not because everyone else is doing it 

Décor, dress, traditions 

Eat in private 

Dinner while signing docs or before the reception, food will go cold 

Schedule alone time during the day 10-15mins 

Don't be fooled by Pinterest weddings 

Most are actually styled shoots 

Incredibly expensive 

Be flexible with timeline 

Be ok with letting go of things, garter toss 

Don't stay to clean, guests are waiting for you to leave 

Don't compare your wants to what is in trend 

Learn to say no or delegate, someone, to do it for you 

Take breaks from planning when needed 

One nonwedding planning date 

Being realistic about the budget 

Don't pick your bridal party until 6 mos before wedding 

Pick people who are willing and able to help you 

Don't take on too many projects 

DIY – Time, skill, finances 

RSVPs, check in with them, phone, text, and email 

Number RSVP Cards  

Not everyone remembers to write their names on them 

Wedding website with lots of info 

Plan ahead for clean up 

Checking local events prior to wedding date selection 

The Music and the vibe are what people really remember 

Photography and videography are the most important vendors you choose so don't rush that decision 

Don't spend too much on consumables because you won't really be able to resell or re use most of it.  (Rent) 

Prioritize and put it in the calendar 

Designate someone to be ready to take care of last minute hiccups 

Pamper yourself for a few days before. 

Take some time off, even just a few days 

Discuss what is most important as a couple  

Food truck…outside vendor 

Set a budget early so you can shift earlier and do budget check ups 

Vent with other brides helps to refocus and feel like you aren't alone 

Spend time nonwedding time with friends and bridal party 

Detailed oriented friend 


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Lessons Learned – Episode #138 
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Lessons Learned – Episode #138 
Today we share lessons learned by newly weds when it comes to wedding pla
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