142 – Wedding Guest Complaints

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Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142 

Wedding Guest Complaints  


  • “When I booked a room for the wedding, the lowest hotel room was $375 per night. I can’t afford that.”   


  • “The bride had a very specific dress code in mind. She wanted all the women in attendance to wear purple. Where was I going to get a purple dress that wasn’t going to make me look like Barney? Black is what I have and black is what she got. Was she mad? Maybe, but she was hitting the punch bowl before the ‘I Do’s,’ so I was off the hook … until the pictures came. I lied and said it was ‘deep purple.'”   


  • “I can understand wanting to make your friends feel included in the wedding, but is it really necessary to have over ten bridesmaids?”   


  • “One wedding I went to had a seven-hour gap between the ceremony and the reception, and everyone showed up drunk when it finally started.”   


  • “The centerpieces were so tall, I couldn’t even see across the dining table. And I could only hold conversations with the people to my left or right.”   


  • “At one wedding, they served only vegan food. So imagine trying to feed 200 people on a vegan diet. And a lot of it wasn’t very good. If it were a vegetarian wedding, there would have been more options or at least a pasta.”   


  • “The DJ only played songs that were popular 10 years ago. Are we really still doing the ‘Electric Slide’?”  


  • “It was a small wedding. At the last minute, the bride asked me to do her a favor and act as the photographer. I couldn’t enjoy the reception.”   

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  • “I appreciate the wedding favors, but they’re getting unoriginal. I swear I’ve managed to collect at least four sets of the same 2 Peas in a Pod salt and pepper shakers over the years.” 


  • “You’d never ask a guest to pay for a drink in your own home, so why should the wedding be any different?” 


  • “You picked a bad day. We love you, but we’d rather be with our moms (on Mother’s Day) or watching the game (on Super Bowl Sunday). And please don’t take our holiday weekends too”. 


  • “It would be nice to include all the details we need with the invitations. Day? What time will the wedding take place? What is happening between the ceremony and reception? Am I allowed a plus one? Is there a registry? Are there any clothing requirements? Special travel arrangements for a hard to get to location? Weather backup plans?” 

 ***Listener Question*** 

Hello Ladies,

I need some help!!!! The venue we have booked has just been closed until the fires are contained and I'm not sure if we should look for another venue.  Our wedding is in March and the invitations have been sent out since this is a destination wedding.

I've reached out to the vendors and they are all crossing their fingers for us.  It hits close to our hearts since this was the place (Cascade Locks) I prayed for my man and we just spent a beautiful vacation at. Multnomah Falls Lodge has been an icon in Oregon for a very long time.

What do you ladies suggest???

Thank you,
Future Mrs. Bryant 

 Did you have a wedding during the recent hurricanes and fires?  What changes did you have to make? How did you handle everything?  Please email us and tell us all about it.

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Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142 
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Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142 
Today we talk about wedding guests complaints and a listener question. Learn from these complaints and questions to help you plan!
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