145 – Holiday Wedding Ideas

Holiday Wedding Ideas – Episode #145 

Today we want to give you some ideas for a holiday wedding.  From Thanksgiving to New Years we cover them all. 


*We totally skipped Halloween! 


  • Traditional- 
  • Colors-Red, White, and Green 
  • Décor-Holly, evergreens, pine cones, candlelight,  
  • Flowers-Poinsettias, carnations, roses, amaryllis, Lilies 
  • Decorate with Christmas trees for your ceremony area- add red, white and green traditional ornaments, Christmas lights.  Christmas wreaths are also a good idea for the ceremony area, you can also add them to entry and exit doors. 

Reception tables- 

  • Casual setting- evergreen runner with red and white flowers tucked into it,  
  • Or fabric runner with poinsettias in middle of table with candles of course 😉 

Formal setting-

  • Round tables with white linens, overlay in green, gold or red.
  • Tall arrangements with red and white floral with evergreen greenery on some tables, low arrangements with red and white floral with evergreens.
  • Formal white china on gold chargers.
  • To add ambiance, add some votive candles either clear or gold 

Outdoorsy setting-

  • Lots of wood
  • Evergreens
  • Red flannel plaid
  • Make it feel warm and inviting, cozy

Winter White- 

  • Colors-white, Ivory, Silver, sparkle 
  • Décor-lots of glass, candlelight, fake snow (Epsom salts), lighting 
  • Flowers-Evergreens, roses, lilies, white poinsettias,  
  • Winter White screams formal to me, very elegant, blingy.  Flocked trees, or  
  • Naked sprayed white trees with crystals 

Hanukkah – We did research, couldn't find too much. 

  • Blue and Silver 
  • Menorahs 
  • Star of David 

The “Holiday of Light” is a wonderful time to begin a marriage of light and happiness.

 New Years- 

  • Gold and glitz 
  • Black and white 
  • Black, white, gold, and silver 
  • Light it up 
  • Sparkle 
  • Fireworks 
  • Champagne bar! 
  • New year's resolution guest “book” 
  • Midnight drop: balloons, balls, or confetti 

 ***Listener Question*** 

Hi guys! I love listening to your podcast – it has been SO helpful throughout the wedding planning process! I have a question to ask – My future MIL has purchased her dress for our wedding prior to me picking out my wedding dress as well as my own mother's dress for the big day. I feel frustrated that she went out and bought a dress without even telling me. I was hoping to plan a day where me, my mom and her could go looking for dresses together as a fun thing to do during the planning process. My mom has expressed that she feels hurt that she didn't get to pick out her dress first as the mother of the bride, as tradition usually holds.  

My future MIL's dress is long and navy and my mother has made statements such as “now I have to wear a long dress because she is” and “now I can't wear navy because she is.” I just feel so torn as to what to do in this situation. I would feel bad telling my future MIL she needs to return her dress but I also feel so bad for my mother because she was really excited about picking out her dress first. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Sincerely, A future bride who needs some advice! 

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-Until next time, No Stress No Worries Keep Calm and Listen On-

Holiday Wedding Ideas - Episode #145 
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Holiday Wedding Ideas - Episode #145 
Today we want to give you some ideas for a holiday wedding.  From Thanksgiving to New Years we cover them all. Decor and food included.
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From Ring to Veil - Wedding Planning Podcast

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