163 – Groom’s Timeline and Day-of Emergency Kit

Groom’s Timeline and Day-of Emergency Kit, wedding planning, podcast
Groom’s Timeline and Day-of Emergency Kit – Episode #163

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Thanks to Miriam-Rose for the episode suggests she wants to know if there are a timeline and emergency kit for the groom and we say absolutely!

6-12 months

  • Select and purchase bride's rings
  • Discuss who will be paying what- you, fiancé, parents
  • Determine a budget, number of guests
  • Along with SO choose and secure venue locations
  • Officiant
  • Choose best man and groomsmen
  • Make your guest list (Episode on making your guest list)
  • Start planning honeymoon (Most romantic honeymoon destinations)
  • Check or get passports
  • Inquire about room blocks at the desired hotel for oot guests
  • Reserve transportation for the bridal party and possibly OOT guests

4-6 months

  • Select and order formal wear for you and groom's party
  • Book room for wedding night
  • Start planning rehearsal dinner with your parents (The Rehearsal Dinner Show)

2-4 months

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner reservations
  • Start shopping for bride's gift
  • Review items on the checklist to make sure you've checked them off

1-2 months

  • Pick up wedding rings-make sure the engraving is correct
  • Start helping with the thank you notes
  • Pick a date to get the marriage license (check with county or state for requirements)
  • Pick your best man and groomsmen gifts (Gifts for your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen)

2 weeks before

  • Confirm honeymoon details and arrangements
  • Attend bachelor party
  • Get a haircut

1 week before

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner details
  • Pack for the wedding night and honeymoon (Packing for your Honeymoon)
  • Gather items and make your emergency kit  (see below)

Day before

  • Rehearsal and dinner
  • Present gifts to best man and groomsmen
  • Pick up formal wear

Day of wedding

  • Give best man the rings
  • Make sure transportation is set up and running smoothly
  • Make sure you have your marriage license
  • Have tips divided out for needed vendors and placed in seal envelopes

Groom's day-of emergency kit:

Groom's guide to Tux/suit alterations

Start shopping for your formal wear at least 6 months out, during the busy wedding season alterations may take up to 4 weeks.

The alterations generally needed are sleeve length and fit of the jacket, shoulder width. For pants it is hemming, tapering the leg and adjusting the waist.

At your alteration appointment, You should bring the shirt you are wearing under the jacket so the tailor will make sure both work together and are the correct length.  Also, bring shoes you will be wearing as the tailor will need to know what length to hem the pants.

You will probably have at least 2 fittings maybe 3 if there are more adjustments at the 2nd appointment.

Make your tux or suit fit your personal style by adding accessories, pocket squares are great along with patterned socks, personal cuff links or shoes that are different choices rather than the oxfords that are expected.

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Groom’s Timeline and Day-of Emergency Kit - Episode #163
Article Name
Groom’s Timeline and Day-of Emergency Kit - Episode #163
Thanks to Miriam-Rose for the episode suggests she wants to know if there are a timeline and emergency kit for the groom and we say absolutely!
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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