184 – Dance Floor Props and Photo Booths

Dance Floor Props and Photo Booths, wedding planning, podcast

Dance Floor Props and Photo Booths – Episode #184 

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Getting your guests on the dance floor doesn't have to be a chore.  We have a few suggestions on dance floor props to help you. 

Dance Floor Props: 

  • Foam light sticks 
  • Glow stuff all kinds:  
    • Necklace, bracelets, glasses, headbands… 
  • Dancing Shoes/flip flops 
  • Board of some sort with “dance floor rules” 
  • Blow up things: 
    • Guitars, instruments, animals… 
  • Song Request cards 
  • Lit floors and large letters 
  • Professional dancers! 
  • Disco lights  
  • Mirror balls 
  • Fog machines 
  • Monogram projections  
  • Light shows 
  • Confetti 
  • Maracas 
  • Light up things: 
    • Hula hoops 
    • Wands 
    • Tambourines 
    • Maracas  
  • Dance signs: 
    • First Dance 
    • Mother/Son 
    • Father/Daughter 
    • Chicken dance 
  • Masks 
  • Microphones, blow up or light up 

Photo Booths: 

You can absolutely hire a photo booth, they are fun, fully equipped, and some even come with an attendant.  But if you decide you want to go with a DIY booth, we have some ideas for you! 

  • Backdrops: 
    • Chalkboard 
    • Either write your own message or have something already done 
    • Pallets 
    • Decorated or plain 
    • Pipe and drape 
    • Including lace or pretty or fun fabrics 
    • Flower wall 
    • Picture frames 
    • Hanging plants 
    • Hanging floral 
    • Ribbons 
    • Streamers 
    • Balloons 
    • Party supplies, like paper fans 
    • Doilies 
    • Layered fringe 
    • Peek a boo wall ( cut-outs with frames around them) 
  • Props 
    • Most of the props that were mentioned above for the dance floor would also go great with your photo booth 
    • Things on sticks 
    • Thought bubbles 
    • Lips 
    • Hats 
    • Staches 
    • Eye Glasses 
    • Glasses (flutes, wine…) 
  • Tons of signage 
    • Wedding Crasher 
    • Team… (name of the couple) 
    • Congrats 
    • I want to be next 
    • I’m single 
    • I came for cake 
    • SO many options 
  • Wigs 
  • Clothes 
  • Jewelry 
  • Stick on tattoos 
  • Masks 

You can even make it thematic to fit with your theme 

Now that we’ve given you some ideas for props and photo booths, tell us what you’ve seen or are planning on doing. Email us at info@fromringtoveil.com or join our Facebook Group. 


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Dance Floor Props and Photo Booths - Episode #184 
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Dance Floor Props and Photo Booths - Episode #184 
We have a few suggestions on dance floor props to help you. And if you decide you want to go with a DIY booth, we have some ideas for you! 
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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