189 – Wedding Weather Catastrophes

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Wedding Weather Catastrophes – Episode #189 

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Wedding Weather catastrophes-what do you do when Mother Nature’s wrath is barreling down on your wedding day.  www.fromringtoveil.com/83 

  • Communication is key- keep your family, friends, and guests informed of all information regarding storms and changes. 
  • Keep informed of airline cancellations and airport closures 
  • Communicate with your vendors and venue 
  • Read your contracts regarding weather and Acts of God clauses 
  • Obey all government warnings and evacuation orders 
  • Find an alternative date or location for ceremony and reception 
  • Or since you already have your marriage license you can get married by JP and keep your honeymoon dates if they are already scheduled. 
  • Change honeymoon dates if needed 
  • Be a good Samaritan and donate to causes to help victims of storms 


Is it appropriate to send wedding announcements to distant family but not an invite? 


  • It is fine to send a wedding announcement to anyone who didn’t receive an invitation. 
  • You need to send these announcements as soon as possible after the wedding. My advice would be to have them already addressed and delegate to someone, family, wedding party member, to send them out for you 
  • By sending an announcement there is no obligation for them to send a wedding gift 
  • If you are having an intimate wedding with only close family and friends it is ok to send an announcement to distant family and friends. 
  •  Where is a good idea to cut corners in the wedding (what to splurge and what to save $$ on)  
  • Figure out what is important to you, make a priority list between you and your fiancé.  
  • Eliminate the unimportant items that are on each list.  Is guest favors important to you, if not, don’t buy them? You are giving them food, drink, and dancing? If décor or flowers aren’t that important find ways to cut cost buy DIYing or minimally purchasing flowers and décor. 
  • Splurge on what you think is important; if you want awesome photos to hire a great photographer and videographer; if food is important to go all out on your food with a great caterer.

I’m interested in the possibility of not having a wedding party/ or to do so only in name, but not standing at the altar. My fiancé doesn’t like the bridesmaids/groomsmen idea but I have some amazing women in my life I wanted to include 

  • Its ok not to have a bridal party, they can be in name only.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you do you. 
  • If you want them to be involved in planning, parties, etc. Let them plan and participate in showers, bachelorette party, luncheons. You can also have them make toasts at the reception.  
  • Make sure you explain to your friends the reason you are not having a wedding party. If they are good friends they will understand and you can acknowledge and thank them during the reception.   


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Wedding Weather Catastrophes - Episode #189 
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Wedding Weather Catastrophes - Episode #189 
Wedding Weather catastrophes-what do you do when Mother Nature’s wrath is barreling down on your wedding day. 
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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