199 – Planning a Honeymoon

Planning a Honeymoon – Episode #199

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Today our guest host is Irina Vishnevskaya.  Irina has a formal education in International Business and was once at the helm of one of Hungary's first craft breweries and worked for a company that installed craft breweries all around the world. She started allé travel, a travel planning company.   She is also a travel contributor at Huffington Post, Peaceful Dumpling, Spirited Table, Pink Pangea, as well as, of course, on the allé travel blog. She is here to help us discuss how and when to plan your honeymoon!

  • The first big question: when to honeymoon (right after the wedding vs. with a delay) — pros and cons of each approach
    • Delay 6-12 months 
  • Destinations that generally work really well for honeymoons  
    • Google place including month you are wanting to travel 
    • Spring – Italy 
    • Summer – Croatia, Sylvania, Bali  
    • Fall – Europe, Portugal, Coryzal Island, Greece  
    • Winter – Thailand, Mexico 
  • Once you're on your honeymoon: tips for success: 
    • Start talking about it early not 2 weeks before 
    • Balance on a honeymoon  
    • Get clear about your priorities, top 3 things you want from the honeymoon  
    • Budget 
    • Work with someone/professional 
    • Go! 
  • What it's like to work with a honeymoon planner 




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Planning a Honeymoon - Episode #199
Article Name
Planning a Honeymoon - Episode #199
Today our guest host is, Travel Planner, Irina Vishnevskaya. She is here to help us discuss how's and when's for planning your honeymoon!
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Planning a Honeymoon - Episode #199

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