201 – Wedding Facts and Findings

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Wedding Facts and Findings – Episode #201 

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This weeks episode is full of facts about weddings.  How much the average costs are and even the best places to get married ranked by WalletHub. 

2019’s Best Places to Get Married – WalletHub

2018 Costs of Weddings 

2017 Avg – $25,764
2018 Avg – $24,723 

I would just like to give From Ring to Veil a HUGE shoutout from my rooftop all the way in Louisiana…… THANK YOU SO MUCH for your FABULOUS podcasts, which by the way, have inspired and taught me more than any magazine or book on the shelf EVER could! 

I may not be a bride…well, I was almost 27 years ago, and my oh my how things have changed; however, I am a Mother of the Bride and not just one bride, but TWO brides. Yes… both of my daughters are getting married one month (technically 5 weeks) apart. The first daughter got married on February 2nd and is currently on her honeymoon, and the second wedding will take place on March 9th. 

Both daughters have completely different styles, so the second wedding is certainly not going to be a “copy and paste” kind of wedding. Your podcasts have educated me and allowed me to envision a perfect wedding day for both my girls in two totally different spaces! 

There is absolutely NO WAY I could have planned these weddings without the help of Kim and Shannon! (I actually refer to these two rockstars to my family and friends as my “virtual besties” although I’ve never met them personally!) 

If you are the bride or the Mother of a Bride, I strongly recommend their podcasts to you! It was a game changer for me, and for that, I will forever be grateful to my two virtual besties! 💕 -Kelly


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Wedding Facts and Findings - Episode #201
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Wedding Facts and Findings - Episode #201
This weeks episode is full of facts about weddings. How much the average costs are and even the best places to get married ranked by WalletHub.
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From Ring to Veil | Wedding Planning Podcast

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