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Wedding Venues in San Antonio Texas. wedding planning podcast

166 – Wedding Venues in San Antonio Texas

Wedding Venues in San Antonio Texas – Episode –  #166  Join our Facebook Group San Antonio is a beautiful, culture-filled city surrounded by rolling hills.  This …

weddings in wonderland, from ring to veil, wedding planning podcast

150 – Weddings in Wonderland

Weddings in Wonderland – Episode #150  Wedding themes can be so fun.  We’ve come up with a few that we think are perfect for …

guest book ideas, wedding planning podcast

149 – Guest Book Ideas

Guest Book Ideas – Episode #149  Guest books have changed a lot over the years.  Traditionally it was a book that your …

unconventional wedding ideas, from ring to veil., wedding planning podcast

148 – Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Unconventional Wedding Ideas – Episode #148  This week we share a few fun ideas for your wedding.  Unconventional but fun things you can do to make your …

Be an Awesome Wedding Guest, Wedding Planning podcast

147 – Be an Awesome Wedding Guest

Be an Awesome Wedding Guest – Episode #147  GIVEAWAY! Planning a wedding can be a very stressful. So share these tips with your wedding …

wedding guest complaints, wedding planning podcast

142 – Wedding Guest Complaints

Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142  Wedding Guest Complaints   ACCOMMODATIONS:  “When I booked a room for the wedding, the lowest hotel room …