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Wedding Money-Saving Tips, wedding planning, podcast

207 – Wedding Money-Saving Tips

Wedding Money Saving Tips – Episode #207  Pause and subscribe! Join our Facebook Group  Timelines and Checklists      It’s time for some more money-saving …

Wedding Facts and Findings, wedding planning, podcast

201 – Wedding Facts and Findings

Wedding Facts and Findings – Episode #201  Pause and subscribe! Join our Facebook Group Timelines and Checklists       This weeks episode is full of facts about weddings.  How …

Wedding Free for All, wedding planning, podcast

200 – Wedding Free for ALL!

Wedding Free for ALL! – Episode #200  Pause and subscribe! Take a screenshot and share! Join our Facebook Group Timelines and Checklists      It’s our …

Money Planning for Weddings and Newlyweds, Dan Hinz, wedding planning, podcast

182 – Money Planning for Weddings and Newlyweds

Money Planning for Weddings and Newlyweds with Dan Hinz – Episode #182  Pause and subscribe!  Join our Facebook Group  Wedding Timelines and Checklists (   …

Gift Ideas for Parents, wedding planning podcast

157 – Gift Ideas for Parents

Gift Ideas for Parents – Episode 157 ***FB Group – FRTV Wedding Planning Community*** Pause and subscribe! Take a screenshot and share! …

How to Navigate Wedding Shows, wedding post, wedding blog, wedding podcast

How to Navigate Wedding Shows

Wedding shows can be intimidating and overwhelming. The large expos can almost be like the opening of Target on Black Friday! Here …