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Wedding Money-Saving Tips, wedding planning, podcast

207 – Wedding Money-Saving Tips

Wedding Money Saving Tips – Episode #207  Pause and subscribe! Join our Facebook Group  Timelines and Checklists      It’s time for some more money-saving …

music and move themed weddings, wedding planning, podcast

176 – Music and Movie-Themed Wedding Ideas

Music and Movie-Themed Wedding Ideas – Episode #176  Join our Facebook Group  Seattle Metro Area Wedding Planning Resource Guide (  (   Themed Weddings can be …

Reception Timelines with and More, Alan Chitlick, Puget sound DJ, Wedding Planning, Podcast

175 – Reception Timelines and More

Reception Timelines and More with Alan Chitlik– Episode #175  Pause and subscribe and share!   Join our Facebook Group  Seattle Metro Area Wedding Planning Resource Guide: …

wedding guest complaints, wedding planning podcast

142 – Wedding Guest Complaints

Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142  Wedding Guest Complaints   ACCOMMODATIONS:  “When I booked a room for the wedding, the lowest hotel room …

Lessons Learned, wedding planning podcast

138 – Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned – Episode #138  Awesome feedback on previous shows.  Thank you to all of you that took the time to comment!  …