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wedding planning questions, from ring to veil, wedding planning podcast

143 – Wedding Planning Questions

Wedding Planning Questions – Episode #143  We received a listener email with lots of wedding planning questions! Thank you for that.  Also, we …

wedding guest complaints, wedding planning podcast

142 – Wedding Guest Complaints

Wedding Guest Complaints – Episode #142  Wedding Guest Complaints   ACCOMMODATIONS:  “When I booked a room for the wedding, the lowest hotel room …

Wedding Day Delegating, From Ring to Veil, Wedding Planning Podcast

136 – Wedding Day Delegating

Wedding Day Delegating – Episode #136  We always tell you to delegate, but we haven’t told you what to delegate and to …

Writing you Vows, Wedding Planning Podcast

131 – Writing your Vows

Writing your Vows – Episode #131 Update on everything (must listen)! We have talked about vows before on the show, episode #41 …

Farm to Table Weddings

126 – Farm to Table Weddings

Farm to Table Weddings – Episode #126 New Patron on Patreon – Kelly Butchien of  This is her space to share …